Recruitment with a view

I was an in-house recruiter once, with experience of working in a similar organisation for a few years prior but with no idea about recruiting or HR. It was fun but I did almost do some damage as every inexperienced person does (saved by my boss, thankfully).

Business was different then, the world was different. Companies were properly and fully staffed with full time employees and organisations were more resilient to requirements for change. More people had money to feed the economy and not the banks. Businesses tended to be of manageable sizes and dimensions. Therefore, now more than ever, getting recruitment right is paramount.

The main thing for me as a hiring manager and those hiring managers around me, was to have a simple process, one that would give me access to someone who understood my business and ‘got’ the culture and knew what I had to achieve. Someone who I knew would make a painful, time consuming process as easy and painless as possible and successful!


It is true that ‘finding people’ on Social Media is quite easy but if you don’t know how to deal with them, you will potentially lose out. This is amplified when dealing with senior candidates who often get offended if contacted by the wrong person, or for the wrong role, or they do not get answers quickly enough.

Social Media can be a huge challenge! It means having to react instantly and not ignoring emails for weeks and months. It means no control over what gets published on your platform or sites like Glassdoor. It’s great news for candidates!

I think that recruiters – in house or external – who don’t look after their candidates will soon no longer find great candidates willing to work with them. Because specialisation is the name of the game, the world gets a little smaller and with social media, there is no escape.

Experience in recruitment unfortunately means little if the person does not have the will or mind set to continue learning and is not willing to really adjust what they do and how they do it. However, keeping the good processes and diligence can really make a huge difference. I have seen it right under my nose! It can be such an enlightening process for all involved.

I am sure almost everyone has come across these mass-recruitment platforms. I admit that I really struggle with those as a ‘human resources’ tool (?).

Did you know that if a recruitment goes wrong, it can cost the business up to 4 times’ annual salary? I guess this depends on how you calculate this but it can be a lot more if you hire the wrong MD!

There are recruiters who continue to overcharge or undercharge. The former usually are part of a very well-known brand, the latter do not value their own time. Both versions are quite shameful for more reasons than one and, more importantly, of no value to the client organisation.

Complexity is the new normal in businesses everywhere and every position to be recruited in every business will be slightly different because it involves individuals, real people, with real lives and needs, wants, aspirations and dreams, even.

Recruiting is a professional service and, like a lawyer or accountant, should be chosen carefully to ensure they are the right fit and are willing and able to add value to the process.


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