How expert executive search consultants can bring value to not-for-profit recruitment

Not-for-profit organisations by their nature sometimes operate differently from other, commercial organisations, though, when it comes to recruiting senior level staff, many of the considerations are the same. Recruiting the best to the C-suite and senior management teams of charities and other non-profit organisations helps to deliver on their goals, and compromise in this respect, should not be an option.

Working with a professional recruitment consultancy can help third sector organisations to identify, recruit and retain the right calibre of staff, and the added benefits that experienced executive search firms bring can far outweigh any associated costs.

The shift to digital has made it easier than ever to identify and connect with prospective candidates, and, while the barriers to entry are low, getting it right presents a significant challenge. In cases where non-profit clients have internal teams, executive search consultancies can work with, rather than replace those teams, by leveraging the deep organisational knowledge of staff and combining this with the expertise of professional executive recruiters. In many cases, however, not-for-profit organisations do not have the luxury of dedicated, in-house talent acquisition expertise, and experienced search consultants can fill that gap.

The experience to get it right first time

In-house recruitment staff are, of course, perfectly capable of making great hires at the executive level, but it may be the case that an internal team lacks significant experience of recruiting senior managers. Getting it wrong can not only prove expensive, but the consequent lack of effective senior leadership for any period of time can be detrimental to an organisation. For medical research charities and government agencies, delays in getting critical senior level individuals on board can have significant consequences, but the tried and trusted processes employed by executive search firms can help mitigate such risks.

Sector knowledge with a broader perspective

Professional recruiters can support not-for-profit organisations with their expertise and extensive networks. Having a broader perspective allows executive search professionals to challenge expectations, and this can add real value to the recruitment process. Executive search consultants will use a combination of intelligent analysis, sector knowledge, rigorous process and sound judgment, to align candidates’ skills with the requirements of the role and the organisation. This will result in the identification of candidates who are not only a good fit, but who will bring experience, vision and leadership to the organisation.

Rigorous processes

Executive search consultancies already have tried and tested processes and methodologies in place, which will be tailored to the individual requirements of each client, in order to deliver the best candidates every time.

Consultants can help to define specific role profiles and job descriptions that align with organisational strategy, and well-designed candidate vetting and evaluation processes ensure that only the best candidates are put forward. This saves internal teams time and shortens the time to hire. Experience in contract negotiations can then enable a quick settlement that meets the interests of both parties.

Cost-effective services that add value

The cost of executive search services should not be a barrier to not-for-profit organisations, and this sector is increasingly realising the added value that these services provide, by helping deliver an excellent return on investment. Professional support will save staff time, but also ensures the right hire is made first time. With their extensive networks and established processes already in place, recruitment consultants can identify candidates faster and with a higher rate of success.

At Horton International Executive Search, we believe that the not-for-profit sector should have access to the best quality search and selection services. As such, we offer preferential rates, flexible fee structures and generous phasing of payments to charities and government agencies.

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